A hypocryte. A person who only eats the LIVING cells of a vegetable or plant, while chastizing the rest of society for killing animals for food. Yes people, a vegetable is ALIVE when you eat it. Meat is dead.
The vegetarian ripped the supple carrot from the ground.
The vegetarian imprisoned the living carrot in her cold, damp refridgerator, away from the sunlight that feeds it.
The vegetarian ripped apart the living tissue of the carrot with his teeth, dooming the carrot to a slow and cruel death by digestion.
by meatetarian July 29, 2003
The wimp a** jellyfish of the human race, I refer to them as jellyfish because vegetarians are spineless, gelatenous, and over 98 percent water (from not eating enough raw beef.)They often think they are in on some righteous cause to save Gods creatures. The same creatures, in fact, that God specifically named out for man to use as food. Gee, I guess the Lords creatures arent good enough for vegetarians.
Look! A vegetarian! Lets burn it's wheat!
by Fucking Clay, Bitches August 24, 2005
A subgroup of persons who fail to recognize that human beings established themselves at the top of the food chain eons ago. They also seem to enjoy incurring the wrath of rare vitamin deficiences.
Vegetarians are the most likely people on Earth to lack vitamin B12.
by sadbuttrue September 25, 2004
People who fail to realise eating animals is part of the food chain.
"Birds should not eat worms, foxes should not eat birds, vegetarians should be eaten by gorrillas"
by Kay July 27, 2003
Pissed off motherfuckers that think they're making a difference in this world. Honestly? They're 100% BULLSHIT.

Not only do these self absorbed assholes give shit to those who CHOOSE to eat meat, but they also cause a lot more comotion then they should. All vegetarians should be transported to somewhere in Africa where they could live off of the weeds and dirt.

Vegetarians don't eat meat because they think it's cruel and inhumane. Guess what assholes? Your "innocent" tofu and fake meat kills MILLIONS of animals each day making your precious "guilt-free" meal. That's right. Millions of animals are killed by giant mowing machines that harvest your precious grains and berries. At least meat eaters EAT THE MEAT instead of letting it go to waste.

How about you educate yourself.
The vegetarians response to this embarrassing fact is "well, at least we're not killing intentionally." So let me get this straight; not only are animals ruthlessly being murdered as a direct result of your diet, but you're not even using the meat of the animals YOU kill?

The Best Page in the Universe
by Annexxx August 22, 2008
People who do not realize that humans are the top of the food chain and refuse to eat meat. Vegetarians are mostly soccer moms, preppies, tree-huggers, crazed enviormentalists, save-the-whales girls, pro-lifers, members of the terrorist group PETA, anti-fur terrorists, and anorexic girls who are worried about getting "fat".
Vegetarians are great because they leave more meat for the smarter people who realize that humans need animals for food.
by meateater June 27, 2003
A person that is too much of a pussy to eat meat.
Joe:John is such a pussy he won't eat a hamburger.

Kerry: LOL. Fucking vegetarian. What a wuss.
by Wouldn't you like to know. December 17, 2004

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