One who is rich, mainly pertaining to the amount of jewelry they possess. Usually referring to the amount of carats in the jewels.
Requan: You see Dee yesterday?
Chris: Yea, he got so many carats he's a vegetarian.
by TheGhost3000 April 28, 2006
Pointlessly denying yourself something good over something not so good. Phrase originated from a humourous comment made by Suz when refering to a fruit cake as being vegetarian ie: it contained no chocolate.
"Shall we bag those nice comfy chairs to sit on during the ceremony, it is sure to be really long and boring."

"Nah I want to sit on the floor near the front"

"You Vegetarian!"
by Alex May 02, 2006
Ignorant and naive hippie that does not realize that we are at the top of the food chain, and that animals are there for eating.
10 years ago, no one needed cell phones but now, everyone needs one. 10 years ago, vegetarian was a fad, but now everyone's a vegan and needs to protest and flaunt it.
by cheeeeeh February 09, 2007
A cruel diet that is about eating plants.
I became a meatarian because I love plants too much to eat them. I saw pain, suffering, saddness, fear, and death.
Indian word for "lousy hunter".
by YourWorstNightmare May 27, 2003
A person who kills plants for food, claiming it's evil to kill animals.
"I'm going to kill a plant and then tell everyone how bad it is to kill."
—Random Vegetarian
by Relentless February 10, 2005
Someone who isnt man enough to eat flesh
pirates are so manly that all they eat is meat, even though they get scurvy they still refuse to lower themselves to the level of a vegetarian
by brandon legault July 04, 2005

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