An old sioux indian term meaning poor hunter.
Look at Ten Bears eating the bark off that tree. He's such a vegatarian. Pass me the Bison liver.
by AugieS June 27, 2005
If you eat birds and marine animals, and any products made from animals, YOU ARE NOT A VEGETARIAN! And animal products include Jello, yogurt, ice-cream, butter, and eggs. Dumbass.
Vegetarian: I have been a vegetarian for eight years and I eat chicken, duck, fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and oysters.
Meat Eater: (laughing) You are not a vegetarian.
Vegetarian: Yes I am.
Meat Eater: (pulls out biology book) Let's see here...(turns to bird anatomy) I certainly don't see plants with these kinds of organs...(turns to fish anatomy) or these organs...(turns to lobster anatomy) or these organs...(turns to oyster anatomy) or these organs. Have you even seen any of these animals while they are alive? What makes them so different from eating a dead cow or pig or sheep?
Vegetarian: (embarrased)'s just don't eat red meat, yeah meat is blood meat..and..and..I DON'T LIKE BLOOD!
Meat Eater: But still you eat meat, and if you eat meat you are not a vegetarian.
Vegetarian: But..but..I AM! You're trying to deceive me!
Meat Eater: I'm deceiving you? You said you are a vegetarian but you eat meat. Both are contradictory.
Vegetarian: Fuck you! Fuck you and burn in Hell with your murderous meat eating evil (stabs Meat Eater with hidden knife).
Meat Eater: (groaning in pain) Wow. I thought vegetarians were actually peaceful, reasonable people.
by sarcastic April 23, 2003
Native American word for "lousy hunter"
The white man killed all our buffalo. Hell might as well be vegetarian.
by gummy March 24, 2005
Somebody who thinks the world will be a better place if we don't eat meat. They are unatural and think they are better than meat-eaters who know what they are doing.
Person A. Want some deer meat?
Person B. Ewww! No, I am a vegetarian! I am so better than you you stupid meat-eater. You know, even though I have a very unatural diet and think that hunting animals and keeping their population in check is bad!
Person A. Idiot
by Howler781 August 30, 2007
One who is rich, mainly pertaining to the amount of jewelry they possess. Usually referring to the amount of carats in the jewels.
Requan: You see Dee yesterday?
Chris: Yea, he got so many carats he's a vegetarian.
by TheGhost3000 April 28, 2006
A word from Indian origins meaning "Very bad hunter"
Man that guy is a vegetarian
by Dulberf November 21, 2004
A vegetarian is a woman who doesn't like sausage, so instead, she jams long, fat fruit and vegetables up her cunt. Nice!
"Oh Im so sick of the men in this city, im going to turn vegetarian and jam some fruit up my cunt. Yay!"
by nucc July 02, 2007

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