Someone who doesn't know how to eat; can't consume food, only the other stuff.

Also someone who supports the cruel and unusual treatment of vegetables, but often won't allow people to give said vegetables better lives through genetic engineering.
You: I've become a vegetarian.

Me: I'm sorry, I'm sure you'll get better soon.
by Torso boy April 22, 2009
Village idiot who cannot fish, hunt, or ride.
Meat eater:
Hey! Look! It's the funny looking vegetarian guy who can't hunt! Let's all go make fun of him!
by Everlasting First November 27, 2008
Contrary to the definition written below, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat for moral reasons or the fact that they do not like meat. Actually, some/most of these people attack you if you eat meat.
Vegetarian:Dude why do people eat meat they have rights too?!?
by Joelfan515 November 14, 2007
Having similar qualities as a person who is attracted to individuals of the same gender.
Dylan: Randy just said he would rather be in the room with all guys.
Alan: That's so vegetarian...
by Michael F'ing Awesome April 29, 2008
Someone who won't eat—at very least—mammal flesh. For some reason, this usually includes people who eat poultry and seafood as well as those who are almost completely herbivorous. (Someone who is completely herbivorous is called a vegan.)

Not necessarily any more healthy than an omnivore, but also not necessarily any more so.

Usually less annoying than vegans, but may hassle you over getting a hamburger instead of one of those garden patties.
"My roommate is a vegetarian. Accordingly, she's developed a killer mushroom sandwich recipe."
by Qit February 25, 2004
missJAY sayss. a vegetarian is someone who is Soft in Life...yet likes to talk shit. wont do ANYTHING about what they seem to have a problem with & the term "vegetarian" is referring to the fact that they act is if they want beef but they really dont want any Beef.
"You soft in life ass bitch. How you vegetarian, and you want beef?"
by misssJAY August 12, 2008
A type of diet that does incorporate consuming meat. While it is true that vegetarians recieve a certain amount of teasing for their choice of diet, they also assume an offensive position by stating in their arguements slanderous comments such as "Eating meat was necessary in the stone age" or "they do not support the merciless slaughter of innocent animals". This only applies to vegetarians who have chosen their way because of ethical purposes, and is a matter of conflicting belief.
"Ethical" Vegetarian: I don't eat meat because it's not the stone age anymore and I don't support the deaths of millions of innocent animals.
Non-Vegetarian: I'm not a caveman and I am also against unethical treatment of animals, however I do eat meat.
by Ali H September 20, 2005

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