someone who doesn't eat anything to do with animals. people are NOT vegetarians if they eat fish, gelatine, wear leather etc. they are sad. yeah i'm elitist, so what?
1- "hey look at me and my hot-ass leather shoes, tuna sandwich and PETA shirt. i totally believe in animal rights and i'd never eat one."

2- "'d never harm a living animal?"

1- "never, it's wrong."

2- "so that dead cow on your feet and dead fish on your hands didn't die for you?"

1- "..............fiddlesticks."
by mhairi April 07, 2005
Someone who instead of eating meat, substitutes with other kinds of foods. The term is commonly misused and mistaken for vegan. A vegan is someone that doesn't eat, drink or wear anything that comes from an animal.
It would sure suck being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving.
by Gary Destruction July 14, 2003
The people which cause global warming by eating plants that produce oxygen instead of eating cows which produce methane leading to a hole in the ozone layer and many heat waves.
Damn those vegetarians! Al Gore should really do something about them.
by chunkmachine 99 December 02, 2008
someone who refrains from eating all living animals and constantly points out the cruelty and health issues of eating animals to those who do while munching on a slaughtered weed grown using cow shit and rain water.

typically a vegetarian will also make sure all his or her compatriots are fully aware of their diet to gain a false sense of moral superiority which is not unlike your stereotypical homosexual.
vegetarian : thats right bigots im here, i eat pears so get use to it

* the vegetarian will proceed to snap fingers followed by head movements

by Xample November 27, 2008
hey dickheads, dont say you arent a vegetarian if you eat eggs and milk. That would make you not a vegan dumbass. Look the fucking word up in the dictionary.
Vegetarian: "oh i'm a vegetarian"
other person: "really? do u eat eggs and milk?"
vegetarian: "yes, i'm not a vegan."
by vegetariangirl June 11, 2006
Old slang term for the village idiot who could not fish, hunt, or ride.
Jimmy: "Hey Sally you want some of my steak?"

Sally: "OH MY GAWD! Are you serious?! I'm a vegetarian!"

Jimmy: "Geez... Sorry. I thought you would like some meat for once - to stay healthy ya know?"

Sally: "I do not eat vegetables for my health! I do it for the health of the chickens!"

Jimmy: "Well I gotta tell ya, I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian!"

Sally: "AAAAHHHHH!!!!" <panic attack>
by Chriswfoster May 06, 2008
A person wanting to avoid a potential conflict with another person who is accusing them of starting shit.
"Nigga what yall be sayin 'bout my car?!?"

"Yo I didn't say shit, I'm vegetarian, I ain't got no beef nigga."
by MicL July 05, 2005

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