Best type of person there is, aside from vegans, who don't eat any part of animal corpses or anything derived from animals' carcasses.
Chloe is a vegetarian.
I'm thinking of going vegetarian.
by Crazy-sheep-girl July 27, 2006
/N/ A girl that does not swallow
Dude, I wish you had told me she was a vegetarian, cuz now she's walking around with one eye sealed shut
by Oneandonlypeacock April 28, 2010
A wonderful person because the more vegetarians the more meat for those who are meatetarians.
Blood flows in our veins, whats wrong with slurping some off of our plate you vegetarian?
by sb123baby February 02, 2009
A person who puts animals in a vegetative state before eating them.
See, that's a real vegetarian, not those assholes who think they're better than meat-eaters or those on a "specific diet".
by Al-Zar December 17, 2008
A person who does not eat meat. Or, pollo vegetarian= eats poutry
pesco vegetarian= eats fish
and there are many different varieties
lookit! an awsomelly cool vegetarian chick eating tofu! rawk!
by anti-homopobic April 19, 2003
A diet lifestlye chosen by usually intelligent people who can see the horrors of intensive,battery, so-called "farming". Others choose it becuase they feel offended by slaughter or simply don't like meat.
Not to be confused with vegans,PETA, animal rights campaigners etc. althought they are sometimes affiliated.
Vegetarians are often laughed at by meat eaters (see moron) but,hey,I'm not the one with 6 pounds of beef rotting in my stomach.
Many vegeatarians are passionate about their respect of animals and believe in humane rights for every living creature,it does not mean they are hippies or terrorists.
Usually vegetarians are very nice,quite liberal people, who have an interest in politics,the arts and anything they fancy. They despise homophobia,racism and sexism due to their caring,slightly anarchic nature. Often they have a anti-corpration,anti-war stance.
Some people are vegetarians for the sake of being vegetarian, as it is "cool". These people are obviously quite dumb.
>>Real-life experiences of a vegetarian<<<

DumbShitHead:"Why you eating salad? They got burgers!"
Me:"I'm a vegetarian"
DumbShitHead:"HaHa,what are you a Christian?"
Me:"No,I'm an atheist,actually."
DumbShitHead:"An AFEE-WHA'?"

DumbBitch:"HaHa,goody-two shoes,not eating meat.Do you like Cliff Richard as well,you hippie fuck?"
Me:"Actually I like Rage Against The Machine,Rise Against and once punched a guy for picking on my gay friend. So you can take your Cliff Richard and shove it up your fat ass."
DumbBitch: *faints at hearing so many big words*

Mom:"You're goona DIE.You're GONNA DIE if you don't eat some meat! Quick EAT SOME!!!.So unhealthy! Don't you want to be HEALTHY?!?!?! Come on,eat genetically modified murders and get healthy like me.ALL VEGETARIANS GONNA DIE!"
Me: *thinks of Davey Havok,Jade Puget,Moz and shakes head*
by bandanasarerad September 05, 2006
someone who stands up for their believes; humans are no better than other animals, that we are all equals.
someone who realizes that not only is it evil to kill other living, breathing, thinking, feeling creatures, but that by eating them we will all just get fat, have a greater risk of breast cancer, and die more quickly.
1\meat eaters Adj.\stupid losers who are to weak to do what they know is right;Also see "stupid Crackers"
Vegitarians: awesomeness;Also see "Me!"
by Sabrina August 18, 2003

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