The person in the village who could not:

1. Hunt

2. Fish

3. Trap

(only allowing them to eat vegatables)
John sucks at hunting so he will probably become a vegetarian.
by green4 February 03, 2010
A person who eats only fruits and vegetables. Some eat Fish and Chicken, though i don't see why, Fish and chickens aren't plants, and therefore have feelings.
Vegetarians are vegetarians for a number of reasons, some including: they don't like meat in the first place, they don't want animals to die for their foods, and plants have no feelings.
Vegetarians and Non vegetarians can live an equally long life, whoever said they live 7 years longer is bsing, though Vegetarians are less prone to heart disease and don't eat as much fat as Non vegetarians.
Food plants do not contain vitamin B12, and vegetarian diets are usually low in long-chain n-3 fatty acids.
In many countries, Vegatarianism is misunderstood, and in some it is even frowned upon. Most countries offer Vegetarians support by writing on food wrappings if it is suitable for vegetarian use.
Although shearing sheep for wool does not usually involve the death of the animal, many vegetarians, especially vegans, do not wear or use wool. A common alternative for cold-weather wear is polar fleece, which has the added benefit of being available in versions that are made from recycled plastic.

Yeah, im not a vegetarian... And you call us misunderstanding? Fry me.
Most good resteraunts these days have vegetarian options :)

Vegetarians tend to be fitter and thinner then meat eaters.
by skrewi lui July 21, 2007
someone who doesn't eat anything with a face

also known as "veggie head"
dude- why rn't u gettin a burger?

vegetarian- cause i'm a veggie head

dude- so u don eat meat

vegetarian- nothing living

dude (who is smarter than 1 might think)- so u don eat plants

vegetarian- actually, my mistake, i don eat anything with a face
by Lexy "Veggie Head" December 01, 2006
i. A fabulous excuse one comes up with so that one does not have to undergo the act of consuming unpleasant meats.
i. Uncle Bill: Hello there, young lass! Would you care to sample some of my quality, month old haggis?

Omnivore: Oh! Er -- no thanks.

Uncle Bill: But why, Lass?

Omnivore: That would be because... er... I am a vegetarian!
by oha-lucky September 08, 2007
usually good people but sometimes can preachy. Can be confused with nazi vegans.
I like vegetarians, just not the ones that get all preachy up their own assholes.
by Mister Bo Jangles345 June 20, 2006
some who does not eat meat......most of the time ;D
Why is that vegetarian eatting meat
by belldandy18262 December 08, 2009
Originates from an Indian word meaning "Bad Hunter"
Indian: "I couldn't catch any game today"
Chief: "You fucking vegetarian"
by Bob the Vegan August 26, 2007

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