yo we dont start fucking beef, so we aint fucking scared of anyone who says they've got beef, cuz WE VEGETARIANS
if ur boyfriends got beef, telll him im a vegetarian and i aint fucking scared of him
by SIR-COCKS-ALOT June 21, 2009
Someone like me, who doesn't eat any meat or fish. I actually get a lot of stick for being one.
Vegetarians tend to live a healthier lifestyle, no matter what people say. We generally live an extra seven years because we are not eating "meat" from places like McDonalds. There are many reasons why people become vegetarians, and it's not always because they think that eating animals is cruel. Also, it is not as restricted as quite a few people think.
Guy: So, do you wanna go to McDonalds and grab a burger?
Girl: No thanks, do you know what is actually in there? There are chicken claws and all other left over parts of chicken in there.
Guy 2: Good thing I'm a vegetarian.

Boy: You want some turkey??
Girl: No thanks.
Boy: WTF, are you one of those chicken lover vegetarians?
Girl: I am, actually *walks away*.
Boy: Hey, wait! *thinks* Ahh crap, how was I supposed to know she didn't eat meat? And I was just gonna ask her out...
by X_Natasha_X July 10, 2008
1. (n) One who abstains from deliberately supporting the killing of animals (esp. for food) by avoiding animal products that necessitate killing (mammal/bird/fish flesh, milk, etc.) <i>Often reduced to the practice of avoiding meat consumption; the term vegan denotes a pure vegetarian.</i>

2. (adj) A quality of food such that it is derived from no animal products (often reduced to <i>meatless</i> as <i>vegetarian (n)</i>)
1. "He's a vegetarian--he refuses to pay into a system that depends on killing animals."

2. "It's almost vegetarian! There's just a little milk."
by joehaer July 05, 2005
A pratitioner of the act of vegetable genocide be it for cultural, environmental or medical reasons. (see also, herbivore)
by radio August 09, 2003
Those really long tubes doctors use to flush out vaginas.
Doucher #1: "I'm not even sure they know what vegetarians are around here."

Response: Aren't vegetarians those really long tubes doctors use to flush out vaginas?
by Dr. Bob Loblaw April 08, 2011
Someone who just thinks they do not eat food that involves killing animals or scavenging their corpses. However, they really mean I do not eat large animals that might make good pets, particularly those with posters of mournful eyes.
Yes vegetarians forget that lots of worms and bugs get eaten in support of their vegetable diet. Some mixed into the veggies during harvest, some living inside veggies, and lots required to make the soil fertile for crops but killed by machinery or human feet.
by farmer jones February 10, 2010
Someone who believes the silly argument about how the world will be saved if people eat plants instead of meat -- when really that argument is not against humans natural diet of meat but an against the current overpopulation.

(fewer people, eat more meat). (Fewer people try the sterile fly approach violating no ones right to sex.)
You mean if we reduced human population to 1/10th the current level, few places would need confinement feedlots to grow meat?

Yep, the PETA-vegetarian plan puts people in the overpopulated, restricted diet environment of confined feedlots in place of animals -- while still allowing people to use up wilderness. Not a real solution.

Yes with everyone becoming a vegetarian we can support 10 times as many humans as with meat. But within 30-50 years we still start universal starvation in elbow to elbow company of universal harmony.

But if we all become vegetarians we gain 30-50 years. By then we can gain another 20 years by using genetic engineering to shrink average human size to a body mass of 1/6th, about 30 pounds - which Guinness books records show is viable for intelligent human life. We will then be small gray people with space and time travel technology (proven by UFO accounts) and never have to worry about overpopulating a world...although reproduction may well require anal probes of our ancestors.
by Cannibal Lector February 09, 2010

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