The idiots who try to tell us that soy beans substitute meat. They also forget that humans are designed with CANINE teeth to rip apart flesh, and a short digestive system that contains hydrochloric acid to quickly break down protein within 2 hours. Also, humans are NOT designed to eat only vegetables because WE CANNOT DIGEST CELLULOSE!!!! if we WERE true herbivores, we would have more than one stomach, and bacteria that cn break down cellulose. We also have large brains because of millions of years of eating MEAT and NOT tofu, plus we HAD to eat meat because we evolved in a place where food was hard to find so we had to eat what we could get, including animals.
Yup. I agree that Vegetarianists are incredibly stupid to ignore a few simple aspects of human anatomy.

Let's put all the Vegetarianists on an island and populate it with lions, mosquitos, ticks, bears, crocodiles, snakes, wolves, and cougars, and enjoy watching the Vegetarianists try to preach their religious nonsense to these animals who will see them as food.
by Cult Watcher April 06, 2003
A person whose diet consists mostly of vegetation. They do not eat meat because they believe killing animals for meat is immoral/mean/etc.
Not to hate, but let's just face it: In the end, vegetarians are just stupid people who fail to realize that plants are just as much alive as animals. (Including insects and humans) So, the thing is, no matter what, every animal (including humans) ALWAYS HAS TO kill SOMETHING to get food, unless their diet consists of nothing but dairy and stuff.
by dragongirl253 July 30, 2012
Contrary to popular belief, the word "Vegetarian" refers to individuals who have proudly given Vegeta a blowjob. Therefore, Vegetarians are actually quite fond of meat.
You're the first person I've ever met who wasn't a vegetarian.
by no, the other guy January 07, 2012
A person who only consumes natural intoxicants, such as cannabis, salvia or mushrooms but will not touch synthetic drugs such as LSD or ecstasy.
"Man, I was so out of it last night."
"Really, on beans?"
"Nah, I'm a vegetarian, y'should know that, I jus' blazed."
by Vehementi Dominus January 29, 2009
An old Indian word for bad hunter
Lets throw rocks at that hippie vegetarian bastard
by poopwarrior69 February 09, 2012
Someone who believes that the only cost of raising food is land area.

When the simple truth is you can apply more labor, machines and chemicals to plant farming per area than to ranching animals because plants are less "alive" or sensitive. But that does not mean more effective unless you are planning to populate every possible square inch of the Earth with humans. Doesn't that objection to being raised in dense confinement and on restricted diet apply to people as well as animals?
First vegetarians forget organic farming is dependent on animal ranching for fertilizer. Human waste alone would be diminishing returns.

Vegetarians forget to mention that 3rd world farmers can ranch meat animals by simply turning them loose on any land with any plants and gather them up when ready to harvest. The labor is limited to protecting from theft, predators, and occasional birth assistance. No machines or chemicals required.

Vegetarians lie and describe the cost of farming as if plant farmers are only gatherers of wild produce. Real vegetable farming requires a lot more labor in tilling soil, gathering, and storage plus pest and weed control than animal ranching.

Vegetarians "forget" to mention that a lot less land area is suitable for human edible plant farming than animal farming. And the sea is almost zero directly human edible plants. Animals can eat many plants humans cannot.

On a modern scale grains and vegetable are far more machinery and cash intensive than raising animals for meat even when divided among the people that can be fed -- assuming that you do not restrict the amount of land and water the rancher can use.
by Al Gore Killer February 09, 2010
someone who doesn't eat ANY meat. pescatarianism is kinda lame-o. despite, what most guys would think, girls LOVE veg dudes. they think it's wicked hawwwt.
art student: "I wish more guys were vegetarians, I don't want to raise my kids with some bacon-eater"

gal pal: "I heard tim, from painting seminar II is veg."

art student: "oh my god, that is SO hot. I'm totally gonna bang him laterrrrr."
by thesupposedjew December 29, 2008
Indian word for "Lazy Hunter."
Fast Turtle: "Look at chief Big Hut over there, he hasn't provided food in days..."

Dumb Parrot: "He is turning into quite the Vegetarian."
by Mcheco July 21, 2010

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