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The idiots who try to tell us that soy beans substitute meat. They also forget that humans are designed with CANINE teeth to rip apart flesh, and a short digestive system that contains hydrochloric acid to quickly break down protein within 2 hours. Also, humans are NOT designed to eat only vegetables because WE CANNOT DIGEST CELLULOSE!!!! if we WERE true herbivores, we would have more than one stomach, and bacteria that cn break down cellulose. We also have large brains because of millions of years of eating MEAT and NOT tofu, plus we HAD to eat meat because we evolved in a place where food was hard to find so we had to eat what we could get, including animals.
Yup. I agree that Vegetarianists are incredibly stupid to ignore a few simple aspects of human anatomy.

Let's put all the Vegetarianists on an island and populate it with lions, mosquitos, ticks, bears, crocodiles, snakes, wolves, and cougars, and enjoy watching the Vegetarianists try to preach their religious nonsense to these animals who will see them as food.
by Cult Watcher April 06, 2003
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We're a bit of a wanker group, contrary to popular thought vegetarians aren't against eating animals. We're actually a group of people with a vendetta against plants, so much so we spend all our energy on making plants lives miserable & forget about eating meat.
Our favourite past times include drowning beans
peeling vegetable skin off
spraying organic shit all over plants
& ripping fruits off the limbs of plants.

And here was you stereotyping us as hippie-preachers against harming life
John planted seeds to make his garden bountiful in plant-life, little did the plants know John was a bit of a wanker who was going to kill them mercilessly & make soup out of their bodies.
The vegetarian bastard
by dumbguy1anddumbguy2 April 15, 2011
25 10
A) A person who forgoes the pleasure of eating meat, despite not neccessarily being under any duress to do so.

B) A person who has watched the movie 'Babe.' Probably.

C) A person who perhaps believe that omnivores are ignorant towards veggies, a belief that gains substance from comments such as definition 'B'.

D) A person who, judging by other definitions of the word 'vegetarian' on this website, will become rather touchy when it is suggested that they constantly preach to non-vegetatians.
Would you like some steak?

No thanks, I'm a vegetarian.

Fair enough. More steak for me then!
by pippin4652 July 19, 2010
35 23
1. people conscious that animals were not, in fact, put on this earth only for our consumation.

2. people opposed to the harm of animals for leisure pleasures. ex: food- including chicken and fish (they're animals too!), accessories, hunting, shoes, bags, etc.. Also, someone who realizes that 99% of the animals that have ever lived have died and that we've done anything but help in their protection.

3. one who does not consume animal flesh but eats animal products like eggs, milk, cheese, and other dairy foods.
person 1: so you're a vegetarian. do you eat chicken and fish?

person 2: of course not, they're animals.

person 1: are your shoes leather?

person 2: oh no, they're faux.

person 1: you like, wear tie-dye?

person 2: there's a difference between a vegetarian and a hippie.
by i have fuzz on my toes.. June 02, 2006
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Too cool For YOUR meat
waitress "what do you want for breakfast?"

Joe "just eggs"

Waitress "any bacon?"

Joe, "no thanks i'm vegetarian"

Waitress, "So are you sure you dont want bacon?"

Joe, "NO,.. I'm vegetarian..."

Waitress "what?"

Ben, "dude.. that means hes TOO COOL, for YOUR BACON"
by asdf17589898 December 18, 2008
46 39
A bad hunter. One who subsists on not food, but the things that food eats.
"The vegetarian must rely on slower prey such as the broccoli and carrot."
by Joemoee December 15, 2008
67 61
A person who does not eat meat products
Vegetarian-Hi is there a vegetarian option?

Waiter-Of course...You can fuck off!
by comminsar November 14, 2009
26 22
a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, esp. for moral, religious, or health reasons.
John was a vegetarian because he didn't like the idea of eating animals
by Wordiewordielove March 28, 2013
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