The idiots who try to tell us that soy beans substitute meat. They also forget that humans are designed with CANINE teeth to rip apart flesh, and a short digestive system that contains hydrochloric acid to quickly break down protein within 2 hours. Also, humans are NOT designed to eat only vegetables because WE CANNOT DIGEST CELLULOSE!!!! if we WERE true herbivores, we would have more than one stomach, and bacteria that cn break down cellulose. We also have large brains because of millions of years of eating MEAT and NOT tofu, plus we HAD to eat meat because we evolved in a place where food was hard to find so we had to eat what we could get, including animals.
Yup. I agree that Vegetarianists are incredibly stupid to ignore a few simple aspects of human anatomy.

Let's put all the Vegetarianists on an island and populate it with lions, mosquitos, ticks, bears, crocodiles, snakes, wolves, and cougars, and enjoy watching the Vegetarianists try to preach their religious nonsense to these animals who will see them as food.
by Cult Watcher April 06, 2003
Someone who does not eat meat. Period. They are not wimps for not wanting to, they are not better then the general public that enjoys some 'fast food'.
Person A: Im a vegetarian.
Person B: I'm not.
Person C: haha, vegetarian, you must be gay.
(person's A and B beat the crap out of person C)
by King of yesterday July 29, 2006
Often synonymous with herbivore or plant-eater. A person who does not eat parts of dead animals. Vegetarians correctly do not make a distinction between "red meat" and "not red meat", and as such do not consume any kind of seafood or poultry. Some people who seek to put forward a stoic, ascetic or progressive image may claim to be vegetarian while still eating fish or birds. These poseurs often give themselves the oxymoronic label of "pecso-vegetarians". The reasons for abstaining from animal flesh are typically, ethical, religious, ecological, health-related or economic. Vegetarians who also shun animal products such as milk, eggs and honey are called vegans (VEE- GEHNS). Ethical/environmental vegetarians and vegans also often avoid animal-derived goods such as leather, tallow in soaps, etc.
When Bill found out that a meat-based diet uses more resources and causes more pollution than a plant-based diet, he went vegetarian.
by Amigavangelist July 24, 2003
A very cruel person. They mercilessly slaughter innocent plants for consuption.
Person1: Why are vegetarians cruel?
Person2: Pigs and cows can run for their lives. Zuccini can't do shit.
by $e9a May 19, 2009
One who lives in the land of Vegetaria. Often confused as the definition of a person who doesn't eat meat, but that's only because most Vegetarians don't eat meat, either.
Person 1: Hey, do you want some steak?
Person 2: No, thank you. I don't eat meat.
Person 1: Is it because you're a Vegetarian?
Person 2: Hey! Don't be so stereotypical!
by I know just the carrot January 20, 2008
people who don't eat animal flesh.

But eat some products.

It's not hard as words go.
"I don't eat anything with eyes, except potatoes."
by matthew sheffield July 26, 2003
Someone who abstains from eating meat, but not dairy products (eggs can be argued for one way or the other), in protest that the meat market is so poorly regulated and primitive. We have experimental technology that allows for growing organs with stim cell research, why shouldn't we be able to grow a slab of muscle that never has to have eyes or lips?

Not to be confused with Veganism, wherein no animal products whatsoever are eaten.
Vegetarians are often a helluva lot healthier than their omnivorous fellow humans.
by Darksea (Darcy) July 31, 2003
1. Usaully a nice, considerate person who cares about their body and animals. They're sweet and a little hippy-ish, but totally okay. Give them a hug.

2. An annoying as hell future PETA member who looks down on you for eating naturally. Probably loves animals more than people, and will tell this to you and their children because they have a stick up their ass and fart dust. They give vegetarians a BAD reputation. Fuck 'em.
1. That vegetarian girl was really nice; she shared her carrot sticks and gave me some diet tips.

person 1: Hey want pepperoni on your pizza?
person 2: No thanks, I'm a vegetarian.
person 1: Okay, that's cool.

2. That fucking bitch was a vegetarian so she spat on my hamburger and then cried over some chicken wings, and then clawed my eyes out when I told her I like meat. I hope her cat shits on her pillow.

person 1: Hey want pepperoni on your pizza?
person 1: ...fucking vegetarian.
by dumbassi'llmakeyounumb-ass April 09, 2009

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