Lesbian sex or dry sex.
The word received it's name by the nickname for male anatomy "sausage"
-No penetration
This can be the best or the worst type of sex in the world depending on your gender and/or situation.
My girlfriend teased me and we only stopped at vegetarian sex. This wasn't all bad, her girlfriend was hot.
by Love Gecko December 01, 2008
Top Definition
the best sex you'll ever have. vegetarians let there inner-animal out in the bedroom. all those years of repressed meat eating desires finally pay off.
"we may not eat animals, but we sure fuck like them!"

"kate really is an animal in the bed, i'm so glad we had vegetarian sex. i'm thinking about converting, actually."
by kdrrrgs February 18, 2008
dry humping - sex without the sausage
'well we didn't exactly have sex....there was no actual penetration" - 'so u had sex without the sausage - u had vegetarian sex!'
by anna and kaila April 29, 2007
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