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three or mor people are in a circle and they all choose a vegetable each(carrot, suckatash, brussel sprout...) ad then cover their teeth with their lips (as if you're pretending to be a grandparent with no teeth.) First evryone says in chant "let's play he vegtable game, lets play the vegtable game!" while clapping their hands together, then on their laps ::clap::lap::clap::lap:: Then one person says their vegetable - how about peas... "peas to celery" (in 8 beats)then whoever is celery says "celery to cabbage" and whoever is cabbage says "cabbage to carrot"... and i hope u get it by now.
ok the rules: no hestating or repeating te person who just went, and the point of the game is to be the last person not showing their teeth. its actually prtty hard b/c u want to laugh so hard but u dont want to show ur teeth, get it?
everyone: lets play the vegtable game, lets play the vegtable game!
p1:carrots to brocolli
p5:brocolli to avocado
p2:avocado to peas
p3:peas to peppers
p4:peppers ... (smiles and is out of the game)
by Kat February 02, 2004
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