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A person who does not want to have fun in vegas or is afraid to drink due to previous night in vegas
Frank: "yo joshua lets have some drinks"

Joshua: "nah I have a hangover don't feel like drinking"

Frank: "why you acting like a vegas princess?"
by vegasprincesswashere August 16, 2011
A female (usually younger than 30) who has a guy instantly drawn in because of her undeniable caliber of sexiness. She has the most perfect figure from face to ass, wears seductive clothing, and odds are she is screwing a ton of men. More times than not, she will be super fucking bitchy. Since her head and heart are programmed to love the Vegas lifestyle she's been accustomed to her whole life, she's definitely not marriage material. She will not change for any guy. Just fuck her brains out and leave her wanting more.
Adam "Damn bro, that girl is more than a 10! She's a fucking vegas princess bro! She makes all these other girls look like peasants!"
Mike "Dude, don't get too carried away. You know you can't marry this hot slut. Just get her number, fuck her a few times, and let her blow up your phone. She'll never change, not even for you bro!".
by LYPSKRATH July 12, 2013

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