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a person who is so obsessed being vegan that they want to convert others no matter how unwilling they are
my girlfriend is such a vegangelist. she won't sleep with me if i've eaten an animal that day
by sue donham March 24, 2010
A portmanteau of vegan and evangelist.

Vegetarian/vegan who obnoxiously promotes their lifestyle and tries to convert everyone to it. Usually an animal-rights activist who wears t-shirts made from bamboo and drives a hybrid. Can be seen at the grocery store giving a dirty look to everyone in the meat section, and overheard in the organic foods aisle discussing soy ice cream and pesticides.

Those browsing the web for cute animal photos should be wary of coming across vegangelist propaganda, which may contain gruesome imagery and inflated egos."
"I like going out to dinner, but my girlfriend's a vegangelist and if she sees someone ordering a steak, that'll be all she talks about."

"This guy at my job is such a vegangelist--he thinks that just because I'm a vegetarian, I want to commiserate about inhumane slaughterhouse procedures."
by helloalice August 28, 2014

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