a term ususally relating to the common slang of a camel toe.

This is hob-viuosly flange that have sliced through the canyon via tight or restrivive underwaer, thus creating frontal wedgie, OR vedgie
eg, Kornikova, SHAMOWN! what im talkin about!
Mother fuckering spoon lover, eh!
by the man from del monte October 20, 2003
Top Definition
A vaginal wedgie
Holy shit nigga, she's got a vedgie
by AC January 26, 2004
when a girl is wearing thong panties and they ride up into her crotch. it's a combo of wedgie and vulva or vagina
oh man, i have a gnarly vedgie right now. (then she sticks her hand down her pants and re-adjusts her underwear)
by Stacy Rapoport November 22, 2003
a wedgie in the vaginal area instead of the anal. very uncomfortable and sometimes cuts deep into a girls lips...
this vedgie is cutting off my circulation...
by thong lover and supporter February 11, 2005
An wedgie given to a girl only instead of getting the back of the thong yanked up she gets the front.
I just know i am gonna get a good vedgie from my boyfriend tonight

after which i am put in a painful hanging vedgie
by Zelda March 27, 2005
Happens when you get a wedgie in your vagina. Can be rather uncomfortable and you may look weird when pulling one out.
She had a terrible vedgie, so she decided to run in the bathroom to pull it on out.
by KillerHobo June 01, 2006
When a girl wears a thong and it rides up her vagina.

A combo of a Wedgie,
And A vagina

Hence, Vedgie.
And it hurts like a bitch
Damn, this vedgie is killin me
by The Murch May 12, 2007
when if feels like the crotch of your pants is going up inside your vagina. the sister version of a wedgie.
v: my shorts are going up my vagina! i need to pull them out.
t: yea, i hate it when i have a vedgie.
by danceisamazing August 18, 2009
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