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best name ever. lovely person.allways in a good mood brightens everyones day up. if shes ever sad, so is everyone else. defenatly coolest person ever.she is definatley based to the max. has the best swag ever. nice ass/boobs (: u should never take advantage or hurt a girl named vayshia kuhz she definatley has way more friends tht will back her up than u.
guy 1:dude did u see tht fine ass girl over there?

guy 2:hell yeah thts deffinatly a vayshia
by dj psycho January 08, 2012
1)Badass Person!. She will knock you out in one punch. Don't mess with her! the most unique person you'll ever meet. Has amazing eyes and loves to party! She dance better than anyone in the world! Basically the greatest person alive.
2)indian originated name.
guy 1:dang! that girl Vayshia beat me in a dance off!
guy2: wow howd that happen?
guy 1 : i think i was distracted buy her good looks
by Flippy kid July 01, 2011

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