Originally seen on the General Mayhem forums, Vault is the place where we keep the funny, aka, comedy gold, platinum and plutonium. only the finest metals of comedy are vaulted.
by cuntbag March 21, 2005
Top Definition
When a secret or an important piece of information is confirmed safe with the person you have entrusted it with.
"Sarah, I want to tell you that I actually have a Spice Girls doll collection...and I brush their hair while listening to 'Wannabe'."

"Don't worry Stuart. It's totally vaulted."
by Sahara June 20, 2003
A term coined by the hit-show Seinfeld, the word vaulted means to keep a secret safe.
" Can you keep a secret? "
" Oh yes, i'll put it in the vault. "
" I am into beastiality. "
" Vaulted. "
by ManInTheBox March 21, 2005
to reach back far into the depths of ones brain to pull out an embarassing story of someone you know and tell it to a group of people
Bob vaulted Sam the other day, Bob told all of Sam's friends what he did two years ago at that party
by Tom Hankard December 11, 2006
This could be used when saying you jumped over something.
"aww man i totally vaulted that massive horse o'er there! Twas f**king amazin' dude"

"aww man wicked i might try vaulting that car naa!"
by Megz March 21, 2005
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