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vate is the same as wack but more forceful.
That movie was so vate I had to change the channel.

How did you like the meatloaf?
by David Ellis March 11, 2004
12 5
adj. Used to describe something or someone that is so unbelievabley beat, wack, horrible, hideous, or all of the above and beyond.

n. vateness, something that is vate.
How'd it go w/ dat broad last night? You hit dat?
Nah, shit was mad vate.

The no smoking inside law is vate.

Yo, I got arrested last night dun!
Foreal!? vateness. What happened son?

This club is vate, let's go somewhere else.

This chick Christina has a slammin body, but her personality is so vate I don't ever mess with her.

This weed ain't no kind bud, shit's vate.
by vegas March 12, 2004
24 12