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Vast right wing conspiracy is a term first used by Hillary Clinton to describe the opposition movement, and their bullshit, during her husband Bill Clinton's presidency. This was a REAL problem. David Brock provides a look inside and confesses to being a part of it in his book "Blinded by the Right."

There were many people opposed to Clinton's progressive ideas and the right-wing segment of the population was trying hard to disrupt his agenda. (see White Water, travelgate, Monica Lewinsky, American Spectator) Luckily for Clinton, and America as a whole, he was able to accomplish many good things, like balancing the budget for the first time in 30 years!

Many people think that the conspiracy was just about the Clintons, but other democrats have faced it too.
Some examples: John Kerry 2004 swift boat veterans for truth, the Obama birther bullshit, the death panels bullshit and all this Obama is socialist bullshit!
The vast right wing conspiracy is alive and well during the Obama Administration. The G.O.P. is still spreading bullshit lies about where Obama was born, spreading lies to scare people away from Health Care reform, and trying to kill anything they consider "progressive."
by Charles_U_Farley January 24, 2011
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Quote from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY), describing the continuing backhanded behavior of right-wing groups to undermine left-wing or moderate advancements.
The efforts of the religious right against the moderate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) during the 2000 primaries are part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

The impeachment of Clinton, the outcome of the Flordia recount, the California recall election, and redistricting in Texas all prove the existence of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Fox News is the headquarters of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

When my conservative roommate eats all my Cheetos®, some people say it's just because he's rude, but I know it's part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.
by MCNevilleHaas December 06, 2003
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the conspiracy to turn America into a fascist state
Idiots like GW Bush and Paul Wolfowitz are part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.
by Anti-Bush August 10, 2003
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1. A glorious organization thought up by the loony left to blame for all of their own failures.
1. Man, that pigeon just crapped on my car, it must be a part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

2. Man, I'm a poor penniless hippie because of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

3. Man, what's your problem, I don't smell, you're just in the VRWC.
by NCTL November 01, 2004
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A hoax perpetrated by liberals, specifically Hitlery Rodman C.
The vast right wing conspiracy is actually a ploy by chicken farmers to market Buffalo Wings.
by Truth Teller September 19, 2003
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1. A phrase used by Hillary Clinton to describe the Republican/conservative forces supposedly conspiring against her to ruin the political and personal aspirations of her and her husband, Bill Clinton. Ironically, this gave birth to a new definition (see below).

2. A fictional, generalized club conservatives half-jokingly say they belong to, in order to symbolize disdain for Hillary Clinton and liberals in general.

Also known as the VRWC.
1. This is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy against me and my husband.

2. Of course I'm a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Isn't everybody?
by Disco Stu December 08, 2004
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According to Hillary Clinton, these are the people who supposedly "made up" The fact that Bill Clinton was having many extramarital affairs and lying about it under oath.

"That is not going to be proven true," Clinton said. She said she was fighting the charges "not only because I love and believe my husband" but for the sake of the nation.
I liked the part where the vast right-wing conspiracy broke into Monica's closet and stained her blue dress with Bill Clinton's Semen! Damn their good!
by pittzkraco June 08, 2006
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