The Tallest's bitch on Counter-Strike

He totally sucks at CS:S he learnt everything he knows from The Tallest

Hes a pretty cool guy
TMP The Tallest killed VaScO with a tmp
Top Definition
1. A spanish word meaning someone of Basque origin.
2. The first name of Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese explorer who was one of the most successful in the European Age of Discovery and the first person to sail directly from Europe to India.
3. A fan of the Brazilian soccer team "Vasco da Gama" in Rio de Janeiro.
1. No soy espanol, soy vasco.(I'm not Spanish, I'm Basque.)
2. Vasco da Gama sailed from Europe to India.
3. Nao gosto de Fluminense. Sou vasco. (I don't like Fluminense. I'm a fan of the Vasco da Gama team.)
by Javier S. September 13, 2006
It is an age-old noun first used when televison was invented, to describe someone whose life resembles a soap opera. These people find hardship and adventure in the most simplest of tasks and are a constant source of both joy and wonder to their work colleagues on a monday morning when the weekend "debacle" is revealed.

Charachters appearing in episodes of Vasco's soap operas may well include, but are not confined to, a brother-in-law squaddie who turns up unannounced at your door and stays for the next six months whilst making full use of the facilities and an overpriced, over rated camper van that is a money pit.

Vasco's often enjoy the company of animals which, again, provide the source of many new story lines and anecdotes.
A: How was your long anticipated first date with that hot chick from accounts?

B: Oh man, I had a Vasco!!
by Brentwood Jarrett November 07, 2008
Short for "Vasco da Gama." Used as slang to refer to an adminstered Vasco da Gama.
She got vascoed, she's soaking wet.
by Warren April 12, 2004
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