An individual with a personality that has no substance or depth
Have you ever had a serious conversation with Paul? I was talking with him about the situation in Iraq and he responded about the size of his bowel movement this morning. That guy is vapor.
by Wit765 May 16, 2011
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Situation where someone treats someone one way, usually negatively, and then at a later point in time regrets what was done to that other person in the past or begins to treat the same person in a more respectful manner. Identified in the 1988 Biz Markie song "Vapors."
Girls dissed you because you were broke. Now that you blew-up and have money, the same girls want to get with you. These women have caught the vapors.

Guy breaks up with his girlfriend. Later on realizes that she was all he ever wanted and that breaking up with her was a mistake. Now he wants her back. He's got the vapors.
by DreJD April 18, 2006
An ailment causing real or imagined nausea, fainting, or dizziness on the part of Victorian women or women of similar delicate sensitivity. The cause is something seen or heard which so offends their modesty, there is no response they are capable of uttering. Typically a matter of sexual or cultural taboo is being violated, such as the mention of a sexual or excretory organ in conversation.
1. When Larry Summers claimed that men may have a greater innate ability in math than women, MIT biologist Nancy Hopkins had the vapors. In her own words she later explained "if I hadn't left, I would've either blacked out or thrown up."

2. The reaction of characters played by Margaret Dumont in the films of the Marx Brothers to something shocking.
by patsw May 16, 2009
Taking a newfangled and opportunistic liking to someone only after that person became successful. The subject of Biz Markie's song, "Vapors."
She wouldn't even talk to me in high school, and now she's sitting on my lap in my Cadillac. She caught the vapors.
by Makaveli65 September 25, 2010
fumes or smoke from incinerated THC trichomes.
I went to my friend's house and he hit me with some BC vapors then I passed out.
by David Koresh June 01, 2005
Cool; composure.
Dude I lost my vapor several times last night. Totally was dropping the ball.
by JohnEnglish September 06, 2013
A company slowly growing in the sub-urban city of Coral Springs. Founded by John Correa in September of 2011. As of January located in locations such as Miami,Los Angles, Seattle, Washington DC, London, and Paris. It is popular due to it's variety of products, events, and update procedure. It is an ever growing company started by a thirteen year old boy. Sometimes used when describing how much swag somebody has. Here is a link to the Facebook page.
"You got that Vapor swag doe"
by Jvilleboi January 02, 2012

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