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Derogatory term for a female, implying superficiality, materialism, vanity, and a hollow emptiness. May also imply promiscuity, but not necessarily.
Paris Hilton is a vapid cunt, because she is completely materialistic and empty inside.

**In the future one may want to know all the possible meanings of a term before referring to others as morons. :D
by Izabella August 26, 2006
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cliche internet catchphrase mainly used by idiots who don't know what "vapid" means. they think it means ditsy, air-headed or something like that, but really it means "lifeless" or "boring".
douchebag #1: paris hilton is such a vapid cunt! vapid!!! vapid cunt!
asshole #2: shut the fuck up moron, learn to use a dictionary.
by jj August 20, 2006
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