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A term used when enjoying Marijuana out of a vaporizer. Most commonly used when the vaporizer is of good quality (ie. Volcano).
Stoner #1: Wanna get vaped?
Stoner #2: Hell yes! Bust out the Volcano!
by Breeze January 27, 2005
Slang for something being destroyed. Refers to the object/creature/person in question being destroyed to such an extent as to be reduced to vapor or a vapor like state. Similar in usage and meaning to the word "Vaporized".
"My ship just got vaped by those bad guys"

"What happened to you?" "I got vaped on the way here by aircraft"
by Nukeitall April 21, 2006
The act of being raped by a vampire. Or any sort of raping involving vampires.
1. Helen was vaped by Edward Cullen.
2. Count Dracula vaped my next door neighbor.
by yellowpolkadot18 August 27, 2011
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