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The non-consensual acquisition of another persons vaporizer.
"Vape Rape" is when one person takes by force another persons personal vaporizer (e cigarette), or without permission. Similar to the Ginger Alex, a person who 'lets their fingers do the walking' and steals someone else's drugs or medication.
by FatCube Ltd January 01, 2013
When inhaling a large amount of Mary Jane from a vape she bends you over and has her way. Usually more than intended.
Josh: (cough from hell for five minutes) Fuck dude I just got vape raped.
by Joomanji February 13, 2012
The addition of semen or or other liquid to a person's vape juice without his/her knowledge, such that he or she will unwittingly inhale the substance.
John totally vape raped Mike last night; that's a cold-ass way to make someone your bitch for life.
by secretdonkey2 October 28, 2015

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