A heartless bitch.
"How was your date with Vanna?"

"Oh, she dumped me and lied to me. I should've known"
by Cheese May 19, 2004
Top Definition
A Sic-Hectic metal-core band, based in Boston, Massachusetts.
The new album 'Curses', will be released April 24 2007.

Guy1 : Ima go listen me some Vanna.
Guy2 : Fuck you Guy1, you arent hardcore enough to listen to that, go listen to your Runescape music ya tool!
by xUnderOATHx April 16, 2007
Well, she's still hotter than both of you.
I <3 you anavey.
by Team Double Team November 26, 2004
A slang term for cocaine. Comes from the shortened version of Vanna White-smokin hot hostess of wheel of fortune
Dude, do you know anybody that's got any vanna?
by Brenden Z January 15, 2006
Small town in northern Sweden, where the retards move to from Bjurholm and the normal people move to Umeå.
Vännäs has a very high population of animal sodomizers and aids victims.
Most of the inhabitants suffer from Downs Syndrome caused by incest.
party @ valborg, vännäs.
the cumbuckets
by jahadu April 27, 2006
She is the alamo of my dreams the one that custerd could not swallow. But her wind chims gleam. Around her I grow at the seems. Also she is the greatest lil panda I have ever seen. The best in the world. I LOVE HER SO MUCH
B-A-N-A-N-A its spells banana is VANNA
by Robert Magee November 16, 2010
1. Wanna be skater who believes he is "clutch" like cooler guys like konis.

2. someone who sucks at pretty much every xbox game there is to date, but still believes he's good.

3. Awesome Wingman who gets da chicks everyday

4. Nickname for someone who has had their potential girlfriend stolen by his best friend on multiple occasions.

5. Someone who believes volleyball can be considered a sport.

6. Someone who listens to and LIKES avenged sevenfold but still believes he's not emo.
1. Dude i'm so clutch, i'm gonna change my name to Vanna is Clutch on xbox.
what a loser.

2. Tim: Dude i want that chick so bad right now.. mmm
Tom: Dude don't worry i got her fat friend.

3. Tim: Dude i think i like this chick
Tom: Oh dude, i did her just yesterday mann. im sorry

by savik June 17, 2008
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