a fat person, male. most likely between mid and late teens.
suck it vann. you lieing sack of vann.
by Anne Hadaway May 13, 2008
Top Definition
Someone you don't want to mess with, always wants to get things done his way. Usually short tempered and foul-mouthed.

From the last name of Samuel Jackson's character in the movie, The Man (2005)
Don't piss him off, man. That guy is so vann.
by speekdatroot April 02, 2009
Someone you dont want to mess with. Always wants things done his way. kick ass person. normally athletic. sexy body with a huge penis. insanley good in bed. knows how to get all the girls. easy to fall in love with and usually short tempered and foul mouthed.
That kid Vann is outta here.
by sugarrbaabyy June 06, 2011
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