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A vagina so large it could fit six guys.
"I went to smash this chick I met at Costco but it turned out she had a vangina.
by parsifal July 04, 2013
The huge mini van that is always driving really slowly infront of you when you're in a hurry. Often has semi-political/religious bumper stickers plastered to its peeling paint.
Girl: Will you hurry up I'm late for work!
Boy: I'm trying, but this vangina is taking up the whole road.
by Risss August 08, 2005
A vagina that could comfortably seat 8.
"Man that girl is such a whore"

"Word, she's totally got a vangina"
by kkoso January 13, 2009
n. A vagina that is so ungodly huge that you could fit a van into it.
Guy 1: Duude... did you hook up wit dat gurl from class?!?

Guy 2: Yeah man. She totally had a vangina.

Guy 1: I'd still tap that
by Quiefcaker1 August 10, 2007
Another word for mini-van. The origins of the word come from the words "van" and "vagina". The van part is associated with the fact that the mini-van is smaller version of the full sized van. The vagina part is associated with the fact that much like a vagina, when a vangina opens up kids pop out. Hence, a mini-van is a vangina because when it opens up kids heads always come out.
Carries new 2010 Town and Country vangina can hold up to eight kids!
by Dixon Cider July 13, 2010