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Abbreviation for Vanderbilt University
The student liked to work hard and party hard thus applied to Vandy.
by Kevin March 30, 2005
To give or receive a handjob within the confines of a van.
Me: Dude, I totally got a vandy from my girlfriend on the way to the concert last weekend!

Friend: :O
by theblapman August 07, 2012
Vandy is a backstabbing, lazy girl who is addicted to pain pills. She will do anything to get out of work and mooch off everyone else. At times she can be fun to be around, but mostly she likes to complain about everyone and everything. She would rather live off welfare, than support her kids.
"Can I borrow 10 buck so I can pick up my prescription?"

"You are turning into a Vandy."
by the dog walker February 03, 2010
The act of ducking out of work early on a regular basis. Promising a full 40 hour work week to an employer, when in realty, working 20 hours a week at most.
"Did you happen to see Michelle around recently? I saw her this morning." "She probably pulled a vandy today."
by terry brady September 01, 2006
An anti-climatic or poorly told story.
A very poor recounting of an event.
"Thanks for boring me to death with that vandy."
"You just pulled a vandy"

Explaining a joke from a TV show in a poor and nonsensical manner.
by JBBeaver January 18, 2007
Synonym for spammer
Put the flak away, you Vandy!
by antispam February 09, 2004
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