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A basic and boxy housing style that was prevalent in East Vancouver, Canada, during a housing boom in the 60's and 70's. Cheap and easy to build, houses were 2 level structures with a basement that was easily converted into an illegal rental suite.
--Hey man, I heard you just bought a house.

--Yeah, it's a Vancouver special. I hope to flip it quickly but the basement suite should cover the mortgage in the meantime.
by petabo August 13, 2006
a fairly ugly two/three level house in east vancouver that takes up the whole lot.
parminder and her family of 15 live in a vancouver special on east 49th
by mike February 18, 2004
Description of the majority of beautiful Asian women found in Vancouver. As beautiful as they may be, they all actually look the same! Just like all the 'Vancouver Special' homes built in a particular architectural style in the period from roughly 1965 to 1985 in Vancouver. These women will usually sport a designer handbag, ombre hair, fake eyelashes and snobby attitude.
I'm not going to (insert Vancouver club here)! It's full of Vancouver Specials!
by killa_kal June 04, 2015
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