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one who goes after ugly women at night while intoxacated and wakes up feeling like he spent the night hunting for monsters
"what happend last night, and why do i feel like van helsing"
by clint February 23, 2005
76 29
The most badass out old man/ vampire hunter/ doctor/ dutch guy ever.
"We've become god's madmen. all of us" -Van Helsing
by Xeras December 08, 2010
18 2
(n.) a posessor of extrodinary capability in a specific field
Lance Armstrong is the Van Helsing of cross-country cycling.
by Terry Bancel June 09, 2005
16 6
A turd that looks exactly like a vampire stake.
I just took a Van Helsing. It looked like I could kill a vampire with it.
by Jeffale5 July 09, 2013
2 2
term used to imply getting really intoxicated
dude, let's get all van helsing tonight.
by rob March 28, 2005
11 18
Slang for "that person sings like Hell!".
Everytime a good song plays on my radio, my bitch, Chelsea Handler, starts doin' the Van Helsing and totally fucks up any chance of me enjoying the song.

Thankfully, I have a conversion van, so I can redeem the displeasure by pulling over and fucking her brains out!
by B. A. Baracus June 11, 2006
16 26
A greasy person who often wears the same clothes for weeks in a row and smells of body odor from anywhere from 0 to 100 yards away. Acne is also very prominant on their face...and by prominant i mean there is no regular skin. They may also run cross country for a high school in cargo pants and knock-off, wal-mart brand timberland boots.
Nathan: "Hey there goes Van Helsing in them same god damn clothes"!
Adam:"Yeah i smelled his ass before he walked in the cafeteria with those Wal-Mart boots and cargo shorts on".
by Adam Berry January 23, 2007
6 32