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one who goes after ugly women at night while intoxacated and wakes up feeling like he spent the night hunting for monsters
"what happend last night, and why do i feel like van helsing"
by clint February 23, 2005
The most badass out old man/ vampire hunter/ doctor/ dutch guy ever.
"We've become god's madmen. all of us" -Van Helsing
by Xeras December 08, 2010
(n.) a posessor of extrodinary capability in a specific field
Lance Armstrong is the Van Helsing of cross-country cycling.
by Terry Bancel June 09, 2005
A turd that looks exactly like a vampire stake.
I just took a Van Helsing. It looked like I could kill a vampire with it.
by Jeffale5 July 09, 2013
term used to imply getting really intoxicated
dude, let's get all van helsing tonight.
by rob March 28, 2005
Slang for "that person sings like Hell!".
Everytime a good song plays on my radio, my bitch, Chelsea Handler, starts doin' the Van Helsing and totally fucks up any chance of me enjoying the song.

Thankfully, I have a conversion van, so I can redeem the displeasure by pulling over and fucking her brains out!
by B. A. Baracus June 11, 2006
A greasy person who often wears the same clothes for weeks in a row and smells of body odor from anywhere from 0 to 100 yards away. Acne is also very prominant on their face...and by prominant i mean there is no regular skin. They may also run cross country for a high school in cargo pants and knock-off, wal-mart brand timberland boots.
Nathan: "Hey there goes Van Helsing in them same god damn clothes"!
Adam:"Yeah i smelled his ass before he walked in the cafeteria with those Wal-Mart boots and cargo shorts on".
by Adam Berry January 23, 2007
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