the act of staying up all night; pulling an all nighter
"I'm so tired! I got five hours of sleep."

"Shut up, Alex. I was vampin' it all night!"
by Tom Diputs808 December 04, 2008
making idle conversation, free-stylin gon the verbal tip
we were new to each other's vibe, so we spent most our time just vampin', yo
by moanman May 11, 2005
1.scoring or abtaining something desired
2.a way to describe how aggressive cops pull over someone or stop someone
1.I vamped on her last night
2.The cops were vampin' last night on the ave.
by none of your fucking business November 17, 2003
vamp 2 (vmp) Informal
A woman who uses her sex appeal to entrap and exploit men. vamp·ing
To seduce or exploit (someone) in the manner of a vamp.
Pimpin Sam was ridin slow and lookin saucy, vampin any hutches that werent too square to cut an eye at a player
by O'day December 02, 2006
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