A word so commonly associated with some of these loser wannabe-goth kids that think they're vampires.

THE ORIGINAL VAMP - Theda Bara - Vamping since 1915.

A vamp is a woman who isn't always beautiful, but is fatally alluring and can lead a man to their ruin - usually insanity or death. Shortened version of "Vampire."

2. A woman that can suck you dry financially, emotionally or otherwise.
Most of you children don't know what a real vamp is - and vamping ain't easy.
by Beeatch June 25, 2005
Short for vampire. Usually used in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I've just been biten by a vamp
by witchX August 24, 2003
intrans. verb: to kill time on the pc by allowing oneself to follow tantalizing distractions, e.g., to google overmuch
A novelist, being interviewed on "Fresh Air", NPR, said that he used to try to compose on his pc but has now returned to writing his drafts in longhand on a legal pad because it was too easy to "vamp" on the pc.
by handel.lover February 27, 2009
1. To turn it up

2. Slang for doing a better job, doing better
1. Vamp up that volume, would you?

2. You might want to vamp up that work next time Karen
by Jon Anstey March 24, 2006
To leave or to get out.
It is getting late, I think I am going to vamp.
by Fat P February 08, 2005
A carbonated, blackcherry flavored, energy drink with the maximum amount of caffeine allowed by law.
I drank excessive amounts of vamp today, and Maria is worried I'm going to start having convulsions.
by Kate July 23, 2004
A women who teases you all night and only sucks your cock dry like a vampire
by Biff Monroe August 26, 2003
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