The extremely cool, bisexual character in Metal Gear Solid 2, who has characteristics of a vampire.
The boss fight with Vamp isn't too difficult.
by Pyro June 16, 2003
1. To turn it up

2. Slang for doing a better job, doing better
1. Vamp up that volume, would you?

2. You might want to vamp up that work next time Karen
by Jon Anstey March 24, 2006
A women who teases you all night and only sucks your cock dry like a vampire
by Biff Monroe August 26, 2003
To leave or to get out.
It is getting late, I think I am going to vamp.
by Fat P February 08, 2005
A carbonated, blackcherry flavored, energy drink with the maximum amount of caffeine allowed by law.
I drank excessive amounts of vamp today, and Maria is worried I'm going to start having convulsions.
by Kate July 23, 2004
Vamping is too vamped for a definition. When you're vamped out, you know your vamping heavy, but only vampers gonna peep the style. Belee dat, tell uh shawty you vampin and them panties get to droppin ya feel me? shout outs to boxden.
ay shawty you neva hurda cash money vamp?" "that broke nigga?" "aaayyyyeeee
by OzW November 10, 2010
(verb) to suck the menstrual fluid from a woman's vagina with a slurping, sucking sound. Akin to vampirism, but without the freshness of arterial blood.
I vamped on that hooker's beef curtains like a fat kid on a push-pop.
by Ignacio Rojas July 16, 2008

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