someone who isn't especially good looking but can look at you and make you hot all over with one look in their eyes, so sexy they become your drug.
she is such a vamp, one kiss and i was hers.
by ushray January 29, 2009
usually used in lyrics to indicate the part of a song that leads to the song's ending.
generally after the bridge of a song, comes the vamp
by Terrance July 09, 2004
The extremely cool, bisexual character in Metal Gear Solid 2, who has characteristics of a vampire.
The boss fight with Vamp isn't too difficult.
by Pyro June 16, 2003
v. When you eat out a womens vagina, while she is on her period....mmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
bloody vagina+jake ainsworth= vampin great time
by vamp:) July 28, 2010

Going down on a girl while she's on her period.
Vamping, part of a new high-iron diet.

Wow James! Did you really vamp that period?
by VampKingGo November 23, 2009
Short for vampire. Usually used in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I've just been biten by a vamp
by witchX August 24, 2003
A word so commonly associated with some of these loser wannabe-goth kids that think they're vampires.

THE ORIGINAL VAMP - Theda Bara - Vamping since 1915.

A vamp is a woman who isn't always beautiful, but is fatally alluring and can lead a man to their ruin - usually insanity or death. Shortened version of "Vampire."

2. A woman that can suck you dry financially, emotionally or otherwise.
Most of you children don't know what a real vamp is - and vamping ain't easy.
by Beeatch June 25, 2005

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