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1. A short abbreviation for a group of Vampires.

2.A vamp is a woman who, not always being a stunning beauty, has the ability (and the figure) to drive men to their ruin.
(vamps referring to a group or more then one)

3. Vamps stands for Venomous Arachnids w/ Murderous People Slaves
1. Last night a large group of vamps came into the night club.

2.In the news yesterday there was a story of how the elegant vamp seduced and ate a man.

3. The Vamps slaves broke into a house and killed everyone in the house, leaving the virgins for their Masters.
by Little-Shrimp August 24, 2009
7 4
(v.) - to intensify
My friend vamped the story about how drunk I was last night
by dictionary2997 July 14, 2014
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Short for Vagina Stamp. Usually during or after sex, a girl leaves a wet mark by pressing her lady-parts somewhere on her partners body.

Variation, sometimes as a threat: Red Vamp, or Bloody Vamp.
"She was my kind of girl. Before I could get up she gave me a vamp on the cheek!"

"Snuggling afterwards is fine, but I could do without the massive vamp on my leg."

"Pass out early and you might wake up with a bloody vamp. Just sayin."
by Zeus' Beard April 09, 2014
4 4
Run away fast,escape,leave
We had to vamp becasue the cops were coming.
by Kevin December 18, 2003
84 91
the act of munching or biting on someones neck like a vampire..but not a twatlight vampire
I don't care if she just comes up and vamps on my neck I find it cute.

"Vamp, vamp, vamp" :D
by brittonmelanieinc August 08, 2009
11 19
A consequence or action taken towards a graffiti writer wen he/she breaks one of the rules of graffiti or just a victim to a rogue crew. Getting vamped can be one of many things or all things such as getting beat up, getting your black book taken which is one of the graffiti writers prized possessions, getting your spray paint and caps taken, and getting robbed
1. This is a vamp gimme all your paint and your black book or get beat down.

2. That foo SOK got vamped from crossing that one writer out!
by s1lo-0n3r August 01, 2007
40 48
usually used in lyrics to indicate the part of a song that leads to the song's ending.
generally after the bridge of a song, comes the vamp
by Terrance July 09, 2004
35 44