I'm using myself as a example here. Most of us live in Los Angeles ,like myself,(Beverly Hills baby!)but there are some living in other states such as Texas. We love the color pink, celebrities( I just so totally adore Paris Hilton) and of course shopping! Like I could not live without Juicy Couture and Prada and all of the other rad designers! Also we have our own language (I know all of it) it's called Valspeak. Examples are Rad and tripendicular. Rad means good and Tripendicular really good! I like love the Movies Legally Blonde and Mean Girls! All these Chick Flicks have to be our faves! Like come on!We have our very own Movie about us , that like makes us the ultimate clique! Most of us are spoilt little brats...which includes me! I just use my Daddy's credit card, and if he dosen't give it to me I cry.... I'm a Queen Bitch too! LONG LIVE THE GREATEST CLIQUE EVER!... And hugs to my Boyfriend who put my Definition into proper English!*kiss*.
'Like OMG! How can you be wearing that dress Chantelle! It is just...just..GRODY TO THE MAX!'-Valley Girls depend on popularity, and to be popular we need to be fashionable!
by Princess Josie December 28, 2007
A girl every 15 yr. old boy (including Me) wants to have sex with!
Girls from S. California or even Tampa, Florida
by KK February 01, 2004
me. cute, blonde, wears abercrombie and hollister and forever 21. we say like, and oh my gosh (true valley girls do NOT say oh my god...no way) all guys love valley girls because they THINK we are oblivious, and easy but we arent. valley girls are usually blonde and cute and they usually hate the valley and hate being called a valley girl even tough i am one hehe
like oh my gosh

oh yea that song valley girl by frank zappa is so cool hehehe
by sparemejust3lastword July 19, 2005
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