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Valifaghi (n) : a cruel and harsh ruler who utterly controls people’s life, interfere in any sectors of their life even at details of privet, decides for them and imposes his ambitious through committing any kind of cruelties and wildness
Dedicated to Neda and Nedas , who preferred to die with open eyes rather than living with closed ones on the streets of Iran.

Peace be upon them.

Dawn of the enormous dynamic universe is referred to the almighty “Big Bang”, letting creatures of all kinds and sizes have right of life across the board. However, among them the human being having a kind of unique capability letting him/her to think, act, promote, love, adore, educate, invent, explore, challenge, discover and takes lessons to have a better life. Passage of time has made the languages and dialects around the world accept gigantic volume of words, phrases, expressions, maxims and so forth either willingly or reluctantly. poor them! What burdens they are shouldering! which are results of human beings’ activities. Amongst them, English have proven its eligibility to be representative of others for its powerful features.

There are lots of words from our great nation, heritage and language which have been gratefully hosted by the great English language, for instance the ‘peach’ the Latin word for Persia (IRAN) where this fruit is originated. At this juncture, to our chagrin or maybe to our pride, certainly to our (the people) pride! Despite crackdown, cruelty and brutality we suffer, our greatness, nobleness and dare brought us here to introduce a word to the world notoriously, which shock everyone in the case of experience. Although it is not a Persian word and has no roots in Iranian heritage or beliefs originally, we the great nation have volunteered to pay for that, do our best to release our captured original altitude victoriously, and hope to be a symbol for other nations involved to get rid of any dictatorship or tyranny and taste the delighted democracy. That is ‘valifaghi’, who currently rules our country, decides for our nation even at details of their privet life! (Believe it), kills our youths, deviates immaculate children minds towards barbarian beliefs and thoughts, and what you now see in the Middle East.
I, Iran, on behalf of our great nation want you respectfully, to enter this word , valifaghi, to English language dictionaries as an entry symbolizing the Iranian people, sons and daughters of the Great Cyrus, withstanding against the contemporary valifaghi.
Synonym: totalitarian, tyrant, autocrat, dictator, despot

Antonym: democrat
Related word:
Velayate-faghi: totalitarianism, dictatorship, absolutism, tyranny, despotism
by iran_iranian July 11, 2009
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