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Word originated in France, and was very common during the time of Louis XIV. This is the term used to describe someone who's job consist of placing "bassins and pots"
between royalty's legs, so that the bourgeois and royals
can take a piss. To add insult to an already pathetic job,
the "valet de pisse" would then shake the gentlemen's penis
just to make sure the last drops don't soil the noble man's
You Sir are a very special person. In another life
you probably hold a very important position such as "valet de pisse" or "decrote cul".

You idiots have loaded up a double barrel air trigered
shit machine gun, and the barrel is pointing straight at your own heads. Now my dear "valet de pisse" bring me my bucket, I need to drop the kids at the pool, would you.

by Dan The Rod Leroux August 17, 2006
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