A "holiday" that only applies to people already in a relationship. For everyone else, it's just a regular day
Happy fucking Valentine's Day
by katie was here August 18, 2007
valentines day is just a way for Hallmark to make more money.
damn hallmark, inventing stupid holidays for money!
by shea December 06, 2004
A fake holiday made up by Hallmark that makes people feel like they have to participate or otherwise they're a loser.
Valentine's Day sucks ass.
by C & B February 15, 2004
an entirely commercial holiday that serves no real purpose. It forces people in relationships to buy each other gifts that at any other time of the year they wouldn't think of buying each other. For the most part these gifts are grossly overpriced and cheaply made. After you spend all this money on gifts you now have to spend some more money on dinner at a fancy restaraunt were the food will probally suck and you will end up stopping at McDonald's later anyway. The one good this about this Holiday...I've you followed all the guidlines and spent the right amount of money, chances are you are going to get lucky!
Nothing says I love you on Valentine's Day like a cute little teddy bear that every single fucking Hallmark store has 500 of in their front window. It's like I didn't even want to try to find you something that you would appreciate. I just picked the first thing with a red heart on it that saw!
by Bonita Applebum February 21, 2006
Probably the dumbest day of the year. You desperatly spend money for something for someone you don’t like very much to pretend there is something there you know is not.
I hate Valentines Day just because I'm single. It's another reason to hate my life.
by krock1dk December 06, 2007
A stupid day when mindless droids who claim the will be together forever exchange gifts and crap...Losers
I dont need anyone eho likes Valentine's day
by Chad March 31, 2004
a holiday created by candy stores,card companyies,and flower shops to boost sales.
Valentines day is gay
by Birdman February 13, 2004
A holiday that is celebrated in sterotypical ways (like all the other holidays x.x) that can make a person (even if they DO have a partner or are in love) extremely depressed
2. for a lucky few, a time for uncontrollable love and romance only to end in stds and death
Valentine's Day would be cool if some fuckers hadn't decided to turn it into a marketing scheme.
by Virgin Mary January 31, 2004
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