A very special day, during which those in love can reinstate their love for one another by buying chocolates, teddy bears, roses, and various other items that are related in one way or another to romance.
Singles reside at home, or brave the outside and cast sneers of contempt toward every gift shop and flower stall selling the aforementioned sappy crap.
Also the one day of the year which holds the record for the most attempted suicides.
All in all, a pretty shite day indeed.
"I love you"
"Prove it."
"I bought you all this chocolate"
"It'll make me get fat"
"Oh, well, never mind that, here. A rose. Happy Valentine's Day. Can we have sex now?"
#14th of febuary #roses #chocolates #teddy bear #relationship #romance
by bitter singleton. February 09, 2009
the biggest marketing ploy ever, that hasnt worked for anyone since romeo and juliet, and even they werent real. anyone who sends valentines is desperate, and anyone who recieves them is too popular for their own good, and it's a waste of a 26p stamp and a waste of a day
by fairy nuff September 23, 2003
What makes or breaks all high school relationships. It isnt fair, buts it's true and you all know it
Girl 1: OMG my BF got me concert tickets for Valentine's Day, I LUV HIM!

Girl 2: Mine only got me candy, I fucking hate him
#v-day #bullshit #unfair #crap #bd
by A Gorilla August 20, 2007
an evil plot that the flower,candy, and card company came up with to screw people out of money and to ither depress people or make them happy beyond all natural reason

also to identify all them gold diggin bitches
its valentines day im gonna go kill myself now

omg omg its finally valentines day i bet he went to jared

muhahahaha them dumbass's fell for it again muahhahaa

damn she broke up wit me after valentines day that gold diggin bitch
#scam #evil plot #bastards #creepy #mmm candy
by urdirtygirl February 13, 2007
a day, originally started by the Catholics, in honur of Saint Valentine ( for feasting )It is now mostly associated with the display of love, whether it be husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, or a person to his/her cruch.

2. Unfortuneately, it has become a largely significant date in the eyes of companies ( Hallmark, Lingere stores, Chocolates stores, Jewelry shops ) to make large amounts of money, by selling ridiculously over-priced items. Even though the giving of jewelry may seem very common, it has only been around for appox. 20 or so years.

3. Also known as Saint Valentine's Day Massacre; because of the shooting of 6 of George 'Bugs' Moran's gangmembers by five members of Al Capone's gang in Chicago, Illinois, in 1929
Valentine's Day, supposedly,to be a gesture of love to your special 'someone', that has been turned into some corporate advertisement, over-priced gifts, money-making day.
#singles' awareness day #happy valentine's day #love #valentine day cards #over-priced stuff
by Zelero January 14, 2006
a day when ugly people feel even more ugly and want to commit suicide.

See also LOVExx
ugly girl: hi, u wanna be my valentine?

guy: foook you, you're a fuckin munter!

*slits wrists*
by munter February 14, 2004
because love isn't quite complicated enough as it is.

used in an xkcd.com comic
Man, I don't know what to get my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. It's all just bullshit for the profit of card companies anyway.
#valentine #day #love #complicated #xkcd
by omfgmango February 14, 2008
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