February 14th.

A great day for people in relationships, a time to spend lots of money on each other and feel loved.

An awful day for single people, who become envious of couples who celebrate Valentines Day because they get nothing.
Yay, Valentines Day! I must go and get ready for the romantic dinner that my partner and I have planned.

Urgh, Valentine's Day... This is the worst day of the entire year...
by theGoblin January 28, 2007
1. The day where people get scammed for over-priced gifts and cards.
2. The day where a realationship begins then ends the next day.
3. The day where the heart-broken have to watch others become pitiful zombies and think how ridiculous this holiday really is.
4. Just another day of the year that was made too much of a deal out of.
I don't really think Valentines Day needs much explination.
by hxcXSarahSpeechlessX July 26, 2008
A time where you waste $5 on a card for your girlfriend. Shortly thereafter it is forgotten and gathering dust on some mantle somewhere, and it's back to the usual routine: "Now what have you done for me lately?"
Valentine's Day is for suckers.
by Mr. Shmallow February 13, 2004
A day in mid-Feb. that many people are allergic to. This allergy causes probable crankiness and bitterness.
Fuck Valentine's Day! I say we erase it from the calendar!
by cranky and bitter February 14, 2007
A holiday that's been capitalized on by corporations in order to push a bunch of useless junk to people who are deceived into thinking that a cuddly Luv bear will make the girl of your dreams love you.
Ah, I can imagine it now. She hates you today, but tomorrow she be swooning over you when you buy her a card!
by Conrad February 16, 2004

A holiday occuring on the 14th day of February where guys are expected to get girls one of a few things:
1)flowers (red roses preferrribly)
2)chocolate (not white, but the regular)
3)a card (one that's red with a heart on it)

B) That one day of the year where 90% of "good" guys are so depressed they are ready to go crawl in a hole and die because they have no one who loves them.
"Hey hunk, what are you getting me for Valentine's Day?"

"hey man what's wrong? You seem really down in the dumps like you hate the world, you alright"
"leave me alone, it's valentine's day"
by J.T. the Bible Scholar February 19, 2004
The Happy Single Awareness Day
Lovers: "Happy Valentines Day"


Friend: "What date is it today?"
Loners: "Oh great is the February 14th, Happy Single Awareness day".
by Mafia Escaflowne August 28, 2009
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