A day when you look around to find yourself absorbed with thoughts of loneliness.
Another 'valentine day' feeling.
by Murat January 31, 2004
A day in witch people with a broken heart from a relationship ending with in a week befor it get drunk and pass out so they don't have to feel the pain.
I got my bottle
by corey d February 14, 2004
the worst day of the year i mean like we really need another day of the year to make us feel bad cause were single thank you effin hallmark
person 1:ohhhh im so happy its valentines day

person 2:why this is the worst day of the year

person 1:someone doesnt have a boyfriend!
by join the teenage army March 12, 2008
a commercial holiday made up by women who couldn't deal with the fact that there's no holiday between christmas and easter.
valentines day made the entire population of non-commercial people feel like shit.
by katy February 14, 2004
Feburary 14th

A day when if you are in a relationship you expect some overly priced gift, and you end up getting a dozen roses & some chocolates from your lover.

In elementary school, it's when you get a bunch of pieces of paper that people make way too big of a deal of because they don't want to have some ugly kid get one with an owl saying "hoot hoot, your a hoottie." or some gay saying like that. Your only in it for the candy.

Now if your single, this is the day when you go into the corner & cry. (that's me)

This happens to be my birthday. Oh lucky me. & I'm single & probably always will be.
Single person: Fuck the world. I'm going to kill myself.

Me: Oh it's my birthday!
Everyone else: oh yay I get candy today cuz it's Valentine's day!

Girl in a relationship: I need chocolate & roses today or I'm going to fucking kill him..

Boy in a relationship: Let's waste money on overpriced roses & chocolates.
1.Best day of the year to commit suicide. This day serves two purposes.
1: allows those bitches at hallmark to feed their children.
2: lowering the earths population
george: I'm planning on commiting suicide sometime because im alone...
johnny: Well valentines day is coming up!
by L to the iam February 14, 2006
A fake holiday made up by Hallmark that makes people feel like they have to participate or otherwise they're a loser.
Valentine's Day sucks ass.
by C & B February 15, 2004

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