1.) The most depressive day of the year (If your single or not)
2.) Marketing scam created by Capitalist scum
Valentines Day? I don't celebrate it, I refuse to be forced into buying things which the Government gets 90% profit of.
by Thumper (Cobain) February 17, 2004
Otherwise known as
hey valentine's day is comin' up.
"Don't you mean single's awareness day?" Yeh....
by RetfirDMX March 04, 2008
The scrutinization of single people day.
Examples proving I am correct about Valentines day:
Enough said.
by Xyrena May 25, 2007
A commercialized holiday that is designed to make you and your "significant other" fall in love even more. Or, gives you the opportunity to tell your "crush" that you love them and what not. But really just ends up making 90% of the population depressed and lonely. Also causing a lot of girls to get typical gifts with no originality whatsoever because they advertise every girl wanting a rose and a box of chocolates.
Him: "Here honey I bought you a dozen roses"
Her: "Oh, how original, thanks honey" in a complete sarcastic tone while thinking, wow another dozen rozes i can display for 2 days then throw away.
by Amer February 14, 2005
AKA: Single's Awareness Day
Brought to you by senseless people everywhere who want to rub in the fact that they are "in love" and you are alone. This is just one more way popular people stomp on those of us who prefer a few close friends to 100s of acquaintences.
Rather than being happy with the flowers she received for Valentine's Day, she must go to everyone in the office and show them her flowers and the card so that everyone knows how special she is.
Meanwhile she has not bothered to consider the fact that her behavior is rude to people who are alone, who do not have flowers on their desk advertising that they are available.
by ophiolite February 14, 2006
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