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Late november would be the most common time for a valentines day baby to be born.

Your an idiot.

If you were concieved on valentine's day and born october first that makes you premature by about 2 months.
by C_dizzle February 14, 2007
A day created to torment guys, that if they have a girlfriend it's required to go out with them.
Damn, it's Valentine's Day.
by Brian February 16, 2004
The only only easy way to get sex.
Not on Christmas, not on Halloween.
Hoes cost too much to pay.

Valentines day is the only day when I get to play.
by Hyena King February 14, 2010
Lara Croft's birthday! :)
Lara Croft was born on Valentine's Day.
by Bionicle718 February 19, 2008
A happy day to celebrate love. :]
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
"I love you baby!"
by optimistic March 05, 2009
1.A day when guys get skrooed for getting their girlfriend or whatever sumthin expensive when they probly wont even get laid and the girl will forget about the gift in about a week
girl:thanks for the giant bear
guy:OH YEA!lets go watch a movie
girl: dont even think about it!
guy:oh =(
by Juantaunsoup February 16, 2004
A special day all women would dream for a very romantic dinner under the starry sky and so forth.

Woman: Hunny, tomorrow is valentine's day....
Man: Oh!! Thanks for reminding me. Bob is having his bachelor party tomorrow night. You wanna tag along?
by mofoJO October 07, 2007