a day where people who have a valentine are happy and people who dont end up feeling like crap looking at ways to spend it alone on google
I hate valentines day but the movie is good it has taylor lautner in it
by nonya bizz February 21, 2010
the worst fucking day ever to ditch your girlfriend and break up with her
him:i've got lunch with the fam and no u can't come
her:....ok but i have to be home by 3
(he leaves at 12:45)
him:(2 hrs later)oh we're just getting to the resturaunt now there was a set back.
(she gets upset and he breaks up with her)
him: if you think that i will deny my family to lunch with me on valentines day then you're wrong
by once his</3 February 16, 2009
A day when you try to pretend like you don't like your girlfriend so you don't have to buy her shit. One of the three days to be single. The other two being Christmas and Her Birthday.
I broke up with my girl because next weeks Valentine's Day, I'll be back with her in March.
by Derek Gene February 14, 2009
Late november would be the most common time for a valentines day baby to be born.

Your an idiot.

If you were concieved on valentine's day and born october first that makes you premature by about 2 months.
by C_dizzle February 14, 2007
A day created to torment guys, that if they have a girlfriend it's required to go out with them.
Damn, it's Valentine's Day.
by Brian February 16, 2004
The only only easy way to get sex.
Not on Christmas, not on Halloween.
Hoes cost too much to pay.

Valentines day is the only day when I get to play.
by Hyena King February 14, 2010
Lara Croft's birthday! :)
Lara Croft was born on Valentine's Day.
by Bionicle718 February 19, 2008

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