A day dedicated to making single people feel like shit.
Person 1: Hey, Valentines Day is coming up!
Person 2: What? Aw, man, I'm single...I feel like shit...
by Happyhak January 31, 2011
a corporate holiday made by our corupt government to boost our economy
all the people who stress over gettin valentines day flowers to someone who will throw them away in a week.

all my females who get stressed out to find someone so they wont be alone on valentines day
by lilskjbaby February 13, 2004
A commercially contrived occasion for forced displays of affection.
Stupid Valentine's day!
by skunkpit September 15, 2009
The only way to tax on love.

Men are obviously taxed more heavily than women, sometimes have to completely subsidise some women's Valentine's Tax because they are beautiful women, and you are only a man.
Wow I'm so glad I won't get taxed by the Inland Revenue's Hallmark wing on valentine's day, I'm all out of girls to wine and dine and give dumb gifts.
by Sharpy69 February 16, 2007
The one day a year to make up for the other 364 that you were a complete asshole or bitch to your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Happy Valentines Day. Heres a card and some flowers. I'm too cheap to buy you roses because our relationship doesn't mean anything to me. I just think you're a good fuck and I'm trying to keep it that way. and then I'm going to find someone better and leave you. Oh and heres that chocolates so you feel better when that happens.
by fucktokeeplove February 14, 2011
Single-Awareness Day.
A day for couples to be giddyy in love, and single people to be depressed. Also used to scam people outta their money for cards, flowers, and other gifts.
Single: Tomorrow's Valentines Day? Damn.

Dating: Oh, good! Tomorrow is Valentines Day! Chocolates? Check. Flowers? Check. Giant pink bear? Check.
by HATERR. February 14, 2010
A day in which Hallmark makes most of its money from stupid cards, stuffed animals and candy.

Women, on that day, are blinded by the fact that men don't give a crap about the holiday, and buy gifts for their wife/gf so they can get laid that night.

It is an example of how love has become nothing more than a materialistic steaming pile of horseshit

For singles, both men and women it is a day to not look forward to.
Guy 1:"Hey do u believe in Valentine's day?"

Guy 2:"Hell no, I just buy her stuff on that day so i can have sex with her"
by SithLord89 February 03, 2011

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