In mafia slang, it is the day when executions are to be carried out.

See Saint Valentine's Day massacre for more. If it's on the UD use Google.
Some guy: It's Valentines day. I'm taking my wife to dinner.

Mafia guy: Tomorrow is the Valentines day. I have to buy more ammo.
by Slunjan July 18, 2008
A day that usually falls the week after your boyfriend/girlfriend has broken up with you.
Mark: Yo man, what you doing for Valentine's Day next week?

Steve: Shut the fuck up man, my girl just broke up with me.
by Maximus Decimus April 21, 2008
The 14th of February, the day where people celebrate love. One of those "holidays" that helps the stores to make more money off of cards, roses, chocolate, etc.

Also...If you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, then good for you. If you're single (especially if you're single and not loving it) then it's a day in which couples just rub their whole relationship thing in your face. Basically lets single people know very well they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend (as if they don't know that already).

See Single Awareness Day.
Shannon: "Oh my gosh, Trent and I have been dating for like almost half a year now, and we plan to go out to eat for Valentine's Day!"

Me: "At least you HAVE a boyfriend to spend Valentine's Day with..."
by st_clair59 October 29, 2009
1) A painful and miserable holiday invented by women to make them feel good about themselves. Much like Mother's Day, except for all females.

2) A holiday where you will most likely regret every action you perform, no matter the outcomes of those actions, performed or otherwise.
I don't have to worry about Valentine's Day because I'm going to a concert.
by EnerJax February 01, 2004
1)a day to make single people feel like s***!!!

2)you know ... not everyone has a significant other to celebrate with!! l:(
girl 1: i hate valentines day

girl 2: yeah it makes me lonly

girls 1&2: (sigh)
by <3 <3 love me<3 <3 February 12, 2010
The only day Couples Show ANY Affection towards Eachother
Person 1- Wow look at Jim and Brittni there So happy

Person 2-Its Valentines day Remeber?

Person 1-Oh yea i forgot by tomarrow they Wont be like this to bad...
by Kiddbandit February 08, 2009
Another occasion to get flowers for your girlfriend but you still won't get laid.
I'm jackin off with and the calender says February 14th, it must be valentine's day!
by altt February 01, 2004
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