1. Valentine's Day is a an opportunity to tell someone else you care about them (With or without the commercial cards, flowers, or candy that has been associated with the modern day celebration because many people lack the imagination or creativity to express themselves).

2. Valentine's Day, is a day that a lonely person may be able to make a contact with another human being... who may (or may not) also be lonely. In any case it is a day of opportunity.

3. Unfortunately, Valentine's Day is also a day when sad, lonely, and perhaps angry souls can express those feeling... thereby telling the world just how they feel about their loveless state rather than take the positive approach of seeking out the compassion they desire.

4. Like Christmas, and Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day is a day that may make a lonely person realize just how deprived they feel, and that increases the anger and frustration, if the person gives in to the remorse rather than seeking friendship by joining religious, civic, political, or fraternal organizations where they are apt to find people who are like themselves.
1. Unfriendly, or anti-social people are not apt to like Valentines Day; because Valentines Day is for friends and lovers.

2. "It takes a friend to have a friend," To feel better about Valentines Day, one might seek to have more friends by seeking out friendly people by becoming active in an organization of their choice. Below is a short list. Find something that interest you and you'll find a friend who has similar interest. if you stay at home alone... well, you'll be alone):

3. Lonely people who don't like Valentine's Day need to try harder than the “Good-looking” or Popular People do… to gain friends; some people just seem to attract others to them like a magnet. But let me caution you not to “Try Too Hard.” Overwhelming others drives them away. Be honest, people tend to like honesty, but not bluntness. So be yourself… all the others are taken… so be the best you, you can be.. Keep in mind that being a better you in normally possible and is almost always possible for an unpopular person, or a person who doesn’t feel loved. Don’t fain being better than you are, become better than you were. Be smart, not a smarty. Be positive. Your happiness is worth the effort.
by newman33461 February 14, 2012
Top Definition
The reason so many people are born in November.
I was born in November because my parents celebrated valentine's day.
by youdontsmellbad September 03, 2004
A Pointless and worthless day invented by Hersheys Confectionary Co and Joining forces with Teleflora Florists and Corbans Wine Makers just so they can profit out of Wine, Cholocates and Flowers, while single people suffer at the clutches of the hands of this evil and corrupt capitalist-orientated day that is not even a fucking holiday period.
Valentines Day should be banned and all those celebrating it shot.
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004
1)holiday maliciously created to make lonely people extremely depressed.
2)a corporate conspiracy conceived by candy makers, rose growers, lingerie stores, and jewellers to get people to spend money on junk.
Valentine's day? I've had days at the dentist's that go more enjoyable than that day.
by Frickin Sad and Frickin Lonely October 19, 2003
Single's awareness day
"Is it Valentine's Day again?"
"Yes. Oh darn, I'm single. I don't get anything overpriced from my temporary lover."
by This Cat February 13, 2004
a day to make lonley people depressed and loved people possesed
a monkey on a butt and a chicken in a moose
by ERnin_irene February 12, 2004
1. Celebration of spring fertility (spring is only really happening around the same latitude as Southern Italy, where this holiday was technically invented, but whatever) as celebrated by the Romans. Later overlapped with the feast of St. Valentine, and was accordingly Christianized in a way that made little to no sense (assuming that St. Valentine was not the patron Saint of getting it on).

2. Some damn Hallmark holiday that was designed to make men, no matter what their situation (dating, married, single, playa, whatever) miserable.
1. Let's all celebrate the emerging sexual urges of animals in church. Thank you Valentine's Day!

2. Single men are depressed, dating men are stressed, and married men are teetering on the brink of suicide. Yup, its Valentine's Day.
by asdf.what January 28, 2004
Commercialistic bullshit holiday invented by corporations to cash in on pussy-whipped men. Tries to create the image of love and when the day is really about money, greed and materialistic objects. It also makes single people feel miserable. Suicide rates are known to go up during this time of year.
"Hallmark and Fannie May all cash in on Valentines Day while making single people feel miserable in the process."
by DJHill February 14, 2004
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