February 14th. a sad day for most, it leaves the single with suicidal feelings, and the couples hoping that their significant other will get them something worthwhile. Even if they act somewhat sane, single women and girls are going through a jealous rage with the thought of "not having a valentine". especially when their friends are flaunting all the lucious gifts their beau's have given them.
I am often single on valentines day. I fill my brain up with liquor, and drink away the pain.
by miss_sixty February 13, 2006
A scam made by the greeting card company
Boy gives girl $9 singing card, $15 bear, and $30 Godiva chocolates fom Hallmark.....
by Brandi September 22, 2004
Celebration of St. Valentine, and also consumerism and candy. Nice day to commit suicide if you are completely alone, drowning in a sea of s(m)adness.
Roses are red, violets are blue
You used me, bitch
I´m gonna fucking kill you
by Hanzo June 06, 2004
Probably the lamest holiday known to man. Just a ridiculous waste of time. I would celebrate groundhog's day way before this lame ass day. It is for wimpy puppy dog types that are about to get their lives ruined by an evil snatch.
I wish the women would shut up about valentine's day and get their asses back to work.
by running out of patience February 14, 2008
another day to feel like shit because you're single. thank you effin hallmark.
valentines day is the gayest most shitty, cuntish day ever.
by georgeee poooo February 11, 2006
February 14th

A day in which cards, candies and gifts are bought for one's signifigant other, in hopes that their signifigant other may allow them to release oxytocin and vasopressin into their systems, making their brain patterns appear as though they are snorting cocaine.

On this day, they are essentially "buying" their signifigant other, so that these love chemicals may be released into their system. It is drug money.
On Valentine's Day, my friend feels the obligation to buy his girlfriend gifts, and in turn, she allows him to feel the love drugs run through his system.
by Psychic Jack February 25, 2004
A stupid day on February 14th, that is totally commercialistic and has no value to those who are single. Love Sucks.
Fred and Jill were walking down the hall holding hands. All of a sudden someone kicks them and mutters "Love Sucks"
by Nikki January 22, 2004
the wonderful day where me and my friends go throw candy hearts at all the couples around town and avoid being arrested.
oh shit a cop.
by big baby jesus February 23, 2004
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