A headress worn by Arabic women.
That white girl wouldn't shut up so I told her to put her vale up.
by JOE December 17, 2004
Top Definition
A hybrid Spanish/Catalan word that means "OK" or "Let's move on".
"Valé, Juan, let's continue".
by Jonathan Majewski January 28, 2004
A human-born Czech hottie who is too goddamn amazing to be defined by the English language. Typically found stalking around seedy nightclubs, watching for vampires.
All them kindred want to hump Vales like woah.
by cinquain July 10, 2008
a straight up g, someone who everyone respects, usually out of fear, unless your a lady you just wanna get with him
"dude that vale the other day.."
"yeah he was packin it big time"
g beast gangsta pimp balla playa man thug
by yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh October 20, 2009
A cute nice girl who is dating an asshole.
"Dude, that girl is so cute and nice... but look at his boyfriend. He's a complete moronic asshole"
"Yeah, she's a Vale"
by valelover March 17, 2013
The closest equivalent is "my man".
Used in the Caribbean zone both in Venezuela and Colombia -and some other places though I don't know which ones for sure. It comes from "Vale", a brand of padlocks. When some guys were very close friends, people used to say they were "Vale cerrado", meaning like a tightly closed padlock. Later it became just "vale". Often styled as "mi vale"/"vale mía" (my buddy) or "valecita" (little buddy). It is also used as "el vale..." to colloquially address or refer to any young male.
Esos dos manes son vale cerrao.
These two guys are like brothers.

¡Habla, vale mía!
What's up, buddy!

Ey, pilla el vale del pantalón coleto.
Hey, look at that guy in the flashy pants.
by lasolitaria September 06, 2012
A small town in Eastern Oregon inhabited by inbreds and meth heads. Particulary known for its overall low IQ and odor of farm animals.
Jeremy is so dumb.." "What do you expect? He's from Vale.
by TellNoLies December 21, 2010
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