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Originated from Baseketball when Coop (Trey Parker) when his team was playing the gay team.

Then later, little Joey (the cancer boy) asks what it is.
Coop: Vajoina! releases Squeak as Watson misses his shot. Boos from the fans and the cheerleaders as an ump comes in and throws down a flag on the play Uh... No, that wasn't a gay joke, that was an Australian joke. Aw, aww!

Joey: Wow. I watched all your road games. Your psych-outs are the best.
Coop: Thanks dude. Hehuh...
Joey: Coop, what's a vajoina?
Coop: Uh... So uh, what seems to be the problem... with you, guy?
by Barry Robertson May 02, 2004
28 5
Term used in Foxrock, Dublin, Eire, to describe the mid-section of the female reproductive tract.
Roysh, understand roysh, you just fook her up the vajoina, roysh?
by Fearman November 03, 2007
8 5
Term used in Foxrock, Dublin, Eire to refer to the midsection of the female genital tract.
Roysh, you understand, Jow, its loike this, roysh, you jast fook her up the vajoina, roysh?
by Fearman November 03, 2007
6 4
The part that joins a female's legs together.
I was worried that her legs might fall apart, but luckily they were attached at the vajoina.
by Lanibannani May 12, 2009
1 1